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An Ode to Kubrick

Why is it, when you ask your film buff friends about movies and directors and “the greats”, Stanley Kubrick is almost always one of the first mentioned? On the one hand, art is subjective and one person’s “great” can be another person’s “is this still not finished? How long is this movie?” On the other, I hope the above video can demonstrate some of what makes Kubrick such a massive influence in the history of the moving image, just based on his visuals and composition alone.

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2020 Through Film

With January, World War III was a real (if remote) possibility, Australia was still on fire and the Covid-19 strain was creeping its way through East Asia, with the first recorded cases found outside China on the 13th. By the end of the month, the World Health Organisation had dubbed the crisis a real one, and our collective consciousness started to accept this wasn’t actually a bad science-fiction movie. Bad Boys for Life (Dir. El Arbi, Fallah) also quietly released, a reminder of a time before what we know was turned on its head and we were still naive and familiar with “outside”. Oh, how ignorance is bliss. 

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