ALL THAT FOLLOWS. A symphony – Mart van Berckel & Angela Herenda | NITE Hotel

A performance that feels like a hug

After their first artistic acquaintance creating the hit performance Carry Jump Catch (2018) they meet again in the NITE Hotel. You can visit Mart van Berckel’s and Angela Herenda’s fantastical and relatable worlds-in-world online during OPEN NITES this March. These are excerpts from a very nice conversation I had with the makers of ALL THAT FOLLOWS. A symphony about going digital. Let them lure you into their project. What’s your story going to be about?

B:   In the theatre you have this one frame: the stage. We decided to go with eight frames. That’s a different kind of composing. There are scenes in the piece that are way too boring for theatre.

H:   It’s like a window to a lot of windows. You can choose which to investigate or just observe. Hopefully you’ll want to come close, so you will miss the other seven screens but I think the exhilaration of missing something is just as nice. It is very much about going against this commercial sense of keeping people constantly bombarded with information. We went for the small stuff.

B:   The work will be too big to know anything. You should watch it until you are satisfied. That could be one hour, that could be seven hours. I would be very happy if people would watch it every day for three hours and discover new stuff. We do see our project like a symphony in which all characters have their own function; their own musicality within the bigger structure.

H:   There are points in this loop where things click together. All these people we show do all have something in common. The world we live in now is pretty lonely, right? We created a friend that lives across the street that you can watch, if you like. The main thing is that it will continue living even if that screen is empty for ten seconds.

B:   A human zoo about lonely people that have lost something or are stuck. The piece invites you to watch but it doesn’t force anything. A kind of visual meditation. I am very curious to see the slowness of the work translate to the way the audience feedback works.

H:   The normal theatre set-up where everyone comes together for three hours is so intense but this is a lot more soothing. I am looking forward to see how people perceive it. It’s also a nice thing that it’s not only the premiere at Stadsschouwburg Groningen. It can happen everywhere in the world and my friends abroad can watch it too.

B:   This project came from our hearts. It touches upon everything that is happening in the world but then on a poetic and personal level. In that way it is very connected and feels connected.

H:   We toyed around with a dreamlike narrative wherein the dramaturgy isn’t realistic or consequential. The characters are people and they’re relatable, but there is a tiny little sprinkle of fantasy.

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Wildly interested? The full interview will be published shortly.

See you in the hotel, my friends!

Herenda tells about watchting the story unfold in an apartment across the street: ‘then they walk into the room with the curtains closed and I’m like aaaah!’ The performance ALL THAT FOLLOWS. A symphony is ‘a mood of people watching’.



Credits: Regisseur: Mart van Berckel, Choreograaf: Angela Herenda, Regieassistent: Merit Vessies, Decor & licht: Vera Selhorst, Kostuums: Rosa Schützendorf, Geluidsontwerp: Mauro Casarini, Dramaturgie en tekst: Florian Hellwig, Cast: Angela Herenda, Sam Corver, Jésula Visser, Zaneta Kesik, William English, Felix Feenstra, Simone Peters. Met dank aan Rosie Reith